Our Story

The inspiration behind Durby x Ellen Candle Co. is our grandparents. Married for 50 years, Durby and Ruth Ellen Mayfield instilled the meaning of support, love and family into the foundation of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Durby x Ellen Candle Co. began in 2021 as a way to help us cope with the memories of missing our grandfather, who passed in 2010, and accepting the new reality that Alzheimer's brought to our lives through our grandmother. A lot of our scents pays homage to the memories that we will always hold near and dear to us.

  • Kayla Rivera

    Hi and welcome to the family!

    I am the owner and maker of Durby x Ellen Candle Co. I am also one of 12+ grandchildren of Durby and Ruth Ellen Mayfield. I've recently got into the art of candle making. I believe it is the science and using my bare hands to create something small but that makes a big impact. This is something that both of grandparents exuded, as my grandmother was an elementary school teacher and my grandfather was an auto mechanic. This process has been both emotional and therapeutic but deciding to name this business after them is my way of honoring them and cherishing memories that will always be with me.

  • Current Favorite Scent:

    Josiah's Journey

  • Podcast I'm Listening to:

    In Totality w/ Megan Ashley

  • Who we're donating to:

    Alzheimer's Association